Sven Hedin Project

The Iran team at the high camp on the volcano Damavand – the tallest mountain in the Middle East.


Project Summary

With the help of the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin’s diaries, maps and photos, I will conduct a series of expeditions in his footsteps. It will be a journey through Asia up snow-covered mountain peaks, down wild rivers and through burning deserts. My objective is to use digital videography and photography to document how the landscape, culture and people in these areas have changed over a century.

The Sven Hedin Project is the result of my lifelong desire to embark on a big adventure. For six years I planned this project and in 2013 my plans materialized when I received a grant from the National Geographic Society’s Global Exploration Fund for my first expedition to Iran. This also resulted in me getting to write a 24-page feature story for the November 2013 issue of National Geographic, published in all the Nordic countries. As icing on the cake I also got the cover shot of this issue.

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