During my years as editor-in-chief for Paddling, many of the advertisers often expressed a desire to reach more new potential customers to expand the market. The problem was that most of the readers of Paddling were core kayaking fans that already had their own kayak. I have always wanted to bring kayaking to the masses and after I stopped working for Paddling I came up with a brilliant idea. I approached Utemagasinet, owned by Egmont Tidskrifter, and suggested that they would let me produce a broad kayaking magazine as a freelance editor and use their muscle to get a great circulation. The first issue of Kajak was born in spring 2011 and distributed together with four other of Egmont’s magazines: Utemagasinet, Vagabond, Blossom and Sportfack. This gave us a reach of over 300 000 readers which gave the kayaking industry an unprecedented way of communicating with new potential customers. Kajak 2011 became a success and was followed with new issues in 2012 and 2013.

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